Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Salary Negotiation Before Joining for Banking Jobs

Salary negotiation before joining for banking jobs is an important step to be taken in a banking job search in order to get what you deserve for the particular position. Salary negotiation is usually overlooked by the candidates due to the fear of losing the job. They quickly accept the offer expecting a salary rise in the future. They become overjoyed with the offer and do not consider what they are going to be paid for their job. It is advised that candidates should not accept a job which offers them a pay that is less than what they are worth of. This may cease the growth of their flourishing career. 

Before you start drafting your salary negotiation cover letter, you need to research on the position you have applied for and verify the salary offered for this position in the corporate market with the salary offered to you currently. Practical knowledge and work experience are effective means of impressing the employer. Check whether you have suitable experience and educational qualifications for the position and accordingly present it in your cover letter. Let the employer know why you are an appropriate contender for the position.

Give your sincere gratitude to the employer for considering you for the applied position. Share  the experiences you had at the time of interview and tell how you find the organization to work with. Then, mention the exact salary that was offered to you in the interview and put forth your expectations before the employer. Give a legitimate and convincing reason for updating your salary according to your expectations. End the letter with your appreciation towards the employer for considering your letter.

Here is a sample of salary negotiation before joining for banking jobs.

Jeffrey H. Watkins
HR Manager
New Capital Bank
1727 Howard Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Kirk M. Bare
106 John Daniel Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101
(573) 681 6690
Date: March 3, 2012

Dear Mr. Watkins,

I am delighted to get shortlisted for the position of Loan Officer in your reputed organization. It is a pleasure to work with such an organization. I express my earnest thankfulness for all the efforts taken in recruiting me.

But, the salary offered to me did not meet my expectations. During my tenure of five years with my previous organization, I gave an outstanding performance and was able to help in generating high revenue for the bank by drawing many customers towards various loan proposals. I request you to revise my salary from $46,000 p.a. to $56,000 p.a. I do not expect other employment benefits.

I hope you would consider my appeal for reviewing my salary as explained above. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kirk M. Bare

While doing salary negotiation before joining for banking jobs, don’t focus only on your negotiation; also demonstrate how you can be a great advantage for the organization. This may convince the employer to accept your appeal.

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