Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Acknowledging Job Offer Cover Letter for Call Center Jobs

Acknowledging job offer cover letter for call center jobs is drafted as a gesture of acknowledgement and appreciation towards the prospective employer for considering you as an appropriate candidate for the job. An acknowledgement cover letter is sent by the candidate to the employer when the candidate is seeking more time to reveal his decision and is not in a state to accept the job offer. The candidate may be in two minds whether to accept or decline the job offer. In the meantime, just by sending an acknowledgement letter can keep the employer interested in your profile. 
As a good practice, it is better to acknowledge the job offer before you go ahead and accept it. This gives you more time to think over about the job offer and also evaluate it. However, the candidate shouldn’t be too late to acknowledge the job offer. The candidate needs to be conscious about the cut-off date of giving your decision about the offer to the employer. 
When you begin writing your job offer acknowledgement cover letter, make sure you thank the employer for providing the opportunity to get employed with the organization and considering your profile most suitable for the job amongst that of all the other candidates. You can also specify your complete understanding about the employment details and its particulars. In case you are not clear with it, you can ask for extra information related to the terms and conditions, salary compensation or other employment advantages and profits in this regard.

Avoid making any typographical and spell errors, construct proper sentences, and make use of grammatically correct sentences. Inject a positive and pleasant flow in your cover letter. Draw the attention of your employer towards your genuine eagerness and enthusiasm for the job. 
This is an example of acknowledging job offer cover letter for call center jobs. 
Arturo T. Allen
The Hiring Manager
Great Venture Services
952 Sherwood Circle
Greensboro, NC 27410

Date: March 6, 2012

Robert L. Wang
2509 Harron Drive
Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
(443) 464 4453

Dear Mr. Allen,

This is to inform you that I acknowledge  the  offer of Customer Service Officer in your venerated organization. I take this opportunity to gladly thank and appreciate you for giving me the chance to work with your organization.

I believe this is one of the job offers that the candidates desperately look for and working with your organization that carries such esteem is a dream for any candidate. I am thankful for giving me enough time to think over your offer. However, I would be informing you about my decision by April 3, 2012.

You can refer to the contact details mentioned above for contacting me with regards to any further processes. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Robert L. Wang

Acknowledging job offer cover letter for call center jobs is a fine technique of showcasing your courtesy, discipline and professional approach towards call center career.

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