Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Civil Construction Job Cover Letter

Construction project manager cover letter for civil construction jobs is a document that depicts the innovative character and creative thinking of the applicant which are the prerequisites for the job of a construction project manager. As this is a skill based job, it is necessary that you demonstrate your proficiency and dexterity, and other competencies related to this field in your construction cover letter. 

A construction project manager oversees the complete process of the project from beginning to the end. He keeps a firm observance to the quality, security, and budgetary principles. He creates groups and assigns responsibilities to each member of different groups according to their abilities and skills. Timely inspection and monitoring the progress of project sites regularly is also done by the construction project manager. Formulating plans for the project and making changes to them when needed is also a part of the responsibilities of a construction project manager.

By drafting a professional resume cover letter, you can illustrate these responsibilities to the employer and similarly, display your understanding and enthusiasm. This will interest the reader to continue reading your letter and encourage him to consider you appropriate for the job you have applied for. You need to show your ability to organize and manage the project as well as the clientele with your time management skills and capability to take logical and quick decisions. Good way to do it is by relating to your past experiences and achievements, and your pertinent qualifications.

The example cover letter given below is the best illustration of construction project manager cover letter for civil construction jobs.

Alejandro N. Broussard
Recruiting Manager
Xenon Constructions
1926 Crummit Lane
Omaha, NE 68114
Date: March 24, 2012

Matthew E. Johnston
2039 Rocky Road
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 636 8872

Dear Mr. Broussard,

I was glad to read your job advertisement for the position of Construction project manager in your respected organization. I have attached a copy of my resume as I desire to apply for the same.

As mentioned in my resume, I have done my bachelor’s in civil engineering from the Institute of Civil Construction in Pennsylvania. With over eight years of work experience, I have a thorough understanding of safety principles and legal matters and acquaintance with latest building systems like MEP. I have the capacity to inspire, improve, and direct the morale of the employees quite efficiently and take important decisions quickly in pressure situations. 
If given an opportunity, I can make a massive difference to your organization and help it stand out in the corporate market. I would be obliged if you schedule me for the interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours respectfully,

Matthew E. Johnston

Let there be a continual thought flow with a positive intellect in your construction project manager cover letter for civil construction jobs. Show a genuine concern for your career in the cover letter and lastly, ask for an interview so that you can portray your best candidature.

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