Monday, 9 January 2012

Thank You Cover Letter After Interview

Thank you cover letter after interview for call center jobs is a professional expression of your gratitude and appreciation towards your employer for interviewing you and providing you the opportunity you were looking for in your call center career. By simply drafting a thank you cover letter after your interview, you can add to the potency of your prospects of acquiring the job. This extra effort of thanking the employer after the interview taken by the candidate is much appreciated by the employer and eventually, differentiates the candidate from the other applicants.

There are hundreds of candidates applying each day for a job. However, not all the applicants succeed in getting into an interview. The candidate should show his/her thankfulness towards the employer for choosing him/her appropriate for the job and thereby, allowing him/her to attend the interview. A thank you cover letter can also be considered as a method of maintaining the foremost position in the list of applicants to be hired. The reason for this is that not many candidates take that additional step of thanking the employer after the interview and by thanking the employer you make yourself remembered by the employer. 

While composing your thank you cover letter, it is necessary to keep a professional tone throughout the letter. Thank the employer for scheduling the interview for you and for all the efforts taken to get you interviewed. Indicate the position you have applied for and tell the employer how your skills and abilities can assist the organization attaining good earnings and business profits. Showcase your enjoyment and enthusiasm for getting employed with the organization.

This is an example of thank you cover letter after interview for call center jobs. You can use it for your reference.

Lee S. Morris
HR Manager
Sphere Call Center

1091 Wilkinson Court
Fort Myers, FL 33912

Date: March 17, 2012

Justin L. Yanez
1715 Radford Street
Louisville, KY 40242
(502) 234 4859

Dear Mr. Morris,

I would like to thank you for considering me suitable for the position of Customer Service Executive in your organization. It was pleasurable meeting your recruiting staff in the interview.

Your organization has always been in the limelight of success for many years. Working with an organization with such reputation and prospects is a dream for any applicant. The interview was conducted in a professional and timely manner. I appreciate your staff for all the pain taken to interview me. With four years of experience in this industry, I have gained much expertise and proficiency in handling the customers and providing them excellent customer service. I am confident that I can bring new business and thereby, earn good returns for the organization.

Please contact me through the contact details given above for any proceedings. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Justin L. Yanez

Thank you cover letter after interview for call center jobs is a golden opportunity for any candidate who wants to cement his/her position for the job.

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