Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Negative Recommendation Letter for Engineering Jobs

Negative recommendation letter for engineering jobs are one of the infrequent forms of recommendation letters, which speaks about the candidate’s negativity and inaptness for the particular engineering job. The negative recommendation cover letter assists the recruiter in the recruitment procedure to know about the applicant’s unprofessional behavior and poor performance during his tenure at the previous organization. This makes the employer cautious beforehand about the candidate before taking him into consideration for the applied job.

Recommendation letters can be negative and positive as well depending upon how the employee conducts himself, carries out his work and performs in his past organization. When an employer recommends positively about an employee, the employee is demonstrated as the right candidate for the job and the one who was decent and professional in his attitude, serious about his job and a personnel who performed his task quite efficiently. Whereas, negative recommendation cover letter discloses the negative characteristics and features of the candidate that is linked with his conduct and approach towards his work.

Nonetheless, the person drafting the negative recommendation letter should guard his language and tone and not let any informal and immoral words enter the document. There has to be no place for false or phony information and facts about the applicant in the letter. The individual must keep aside all complaints, rancor, and resentment about the applicant while composing the negative recommendation cover letter. Avoid making typing and spell errors in your letter and maintain an acceptable length.

This is an example cover letter for negative recommendation letter for engineering jobs.


Carl P. Greenberg
HR Manager
Lantz Engineering
4442 Flint Street
Atlanta, GA 30329
Date: May 4, 2012


Edwin F. Peterson
Project Manager
Ulsan Systems
353 Hayhurst Lane
Pontiac, MI 48342
(248) 758 7954

Dear Mr. Greenberg,

This is to notify you that James H. Nesbitt was employed with Ulsan Systems as a Junior Programmer for a period of 17 months. We had recruited him through campus interviews. However, he was unable to complete his assignments within the stipulated time.

The organization provided him a thorough training program that was intended for entry-level employees. Yet, he did not perform well and was found to be unproductive in his work. Majority of codes programmed by him contained grave faults and errors, which the senior engineers had to improve and amend. This brought too many losses for the organization and wasted much of our time and manpower. He was warned many-a-times; but there was no development shown in his performance.

I would not like to recommend James H. Nesbitt for any job in your venerated organization. I have attached his warning letter along with this letter for your reference. I thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

Yours respectfully,

Edwin F. Peterson

Make yourself aware of the deadline before drafting the negative recommendation letter for engineering jobs so that you can gather the necessary information about the candidate and allot sufficient time for composing a formal cover letter.

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