Monday, 2 January 2012

Negative Recommendation Letter for Banking Jobs

Negative recommendation letter for banking jobs is a letter drafted when the recommender has no desire to recommend the individual. The negative recommendation cover letter is drafted by the employers for those employees whose performance was below average level or not up to the mark, due to unprofessional and immoral conduct with other employees in the organization, or for someone who shows no sign of improvement in his/her performance in spite of providing various learning tools to the employee.

In recommendation letters, the employers provide their judgment on the employee’s capabilities, attitude, skills and abilities related to the job. It gives a direct view about the individual potential and character.

Recommendation letters are not always negative, they can be positive too. Employers recommend positively for those employees who were dedicated towards their work, maintained a professional relationship with their colleagues and have performed well in the organization. Recommendation letters, especially, negative recommendation letters should contain pertinent, candid and truthful information about the candidate. The employers must take great heed while writing the negative recommendation cover letter. Including any lie or forged data or facts about the candidate must be avoided. It may even cause to have legal consequences and effects on the recommender.

The recommender needs to provide the section or area in which the individual seems to be weak or incompatible in handling the responsibilities of the job. The recommender should address the recommendation letter to the appropriate person within the expected time period. 
Here is an example of negative recommendation letter for banking jobs.

Zachary E. Peterson
The Hiring Manager
Monetary Bank Limited
324 College View
Grantfork, IL 62249
Date: February 27, 2012

Dennis S. Treadway
Branch Manager
Fiscal Bank
257 Franklin Avenue
Port Orange, FL 32129
(386) 237 3889

Dear Mr. Peterson,

This is to inform you that Marcus S. Jones was employed with Fiscal Bank as a Bank Teller. Throughout his employment with our organization, there was no indication of improvement and advancement in his performance. I hereby do not recommend him for the post of Bank Teller in your organization.

Being a bank teller, he was responsible for the processing of financial transactions. We gave him the entire training on the set of laws and regulations, safety measures and, high level of accurateness required for performing financial operations. Despite of all this, he was unable to achieve his targets on time and meet the expectations of the organization. The organization also gave him a warning regarding the same; however, he didn’t pay any heed to it.

Looking at the beneficial aspect of your bank, I suggest you not to hire Marcus S. Jones as a bank teller in your bank. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please find the enclosed copy of warning letter that was given to Marcus by the organization.


Dennis S. Treadway

While drafting the negative recommendation letter for banking jobs, the recommender should keep aside any feeling of resentment or personal controversies for the candidate.

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