Friday, 6 January 2012

Letter of Recommendation for Call Center Jobs

Letter of recommendation for call center jobs is often requested by a former employee from the employer with a view to get recommended or referred for a new employment that the individual is looking for. A recommendation letter puts great influence on the prospective employer to get selected for the job. Recommendation letters are also written for college or university students by the teachers, professors or coaches. Whatever the situation is, recommendation letters have to be drafted in a professional and appropriate manner following the general guidelines.

Be truthful and ask yourself if you can actually draft a recommendation cover letter for the individual. It takes time to evaluate the traits, abilities, characteristics and qualities of a person which is necessary to know before writing a recommendation cover letter. May be you haven’t spent enough time with the person or you personally feel the person is not appropriate for the job. Be open to your opinions and reject the request if you think you cannot recommend the person.

If you have made up your mind to draft one, then collect some important information from the person viz. recipient’s exact address and name.Do not use the general greeting as ‘To whomsoever it may concern’ in your letter. Introduce yourself and tell how you know the person and your professional relationship with that person. Mention about the supporting documents you may have attached with the letter as a reference to your recommendation. Include the roles and responsibilities of the person and show how he/she has excelled in the same.

This is an example of letter of recommendation for call center jobs.

Jose L. Scott
The HR Head
Premier BPO Services
928 Brown Avenue
Grover, SC 28073

Date: March 11, 2012

Jason R. Ordonez
Operations Manager
4340 Davis Court
St Francisville, IL 62460
(618) 948 7989

Dear Mr. Scott,

This is concerning my recommendation for Woodrow A. Jones for the position of Customer Service Executive in your reputed organization for the outbound process. I would like to inform you that Woodrow was working under my supervision for the same post for an employment period of 12 months in DMG BPO.

I found Woodrow to be an outstanding and suitable agent for outbound process. He is excellent with his communication skill set which he uses effectively to get new customers for the company and for the sale of its latest products. He was awarded as the best executive due to his consistent productivity and successful achievement of targets. He is an inspiring team member too.
For better prospects and growth of your business, I suggest you to recruit Woodrow A. Jones as a customer service agent in your organization. Thank you for considering my letter.

Yours sincerely,

Jason R. Ordonez

You can talk about the appreciations and achievements that the person may have received during his/her service in your letter of recommendation for call center jobs. This can amplify the chances of the person getting the job.

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