Monday, 16 January 2012

Reference Letter for Suggestion for Civil Construction Jobs

Reference letter for suggestion for civil construction jobs is the most recommended manner of approach when it comes to requesting for appropriate leadership and suggestions from your superiors or veteran individuals. By drafting a suggestion reference cover letter, you follow the formal business etiquettes and create a pleasing experience reading your letter for the recipient. The addressee is more likely to contact you after reading your suggestion cover letter rather than a mere phone call or email.

Civil construction field has a wider for getting a job due to the several career options it holds for the candidate. However, if the candidate is not sure about his career direction and unfocused, he may struggle in his career or probably end up in the wrong place where he shouldn’t be. Hence, there comes a need for getting guided and directed properly so as to make the right choice and further get stable in one’s career. Your alumni or other old hands in this field have seen its ups and downs. This puts them in a better place to suggesting or recommending a person.

Take heed that you provide your areas of proficiency, expectations from the job, skillfulness, abilities, capabilities, educational qualifications, experiences in your suggestion reference cover letter. You may also add some specific points for which you expect the reader to guide and steer you appropriately. Finally, thank the reader for his consideration and identify the relevant documents that you may have attached with the letter.

Here is an example cover letter for reference letter for suggestion for civil construction jobs.

Wm L. Dean
Senior Engineer
Apt Constructions
3796 Stonecoal Road
Toledo, OH 43602

Date: March 30, 2012

Marty R. Lukes
1979 Franklee Lane
King Of Prussia, PA 19406
(484) 583 1407

Dear Mr. Dean,

I thank you for providing your contact during your career seminar held last week. I am writing this letter to receive assistance and guidance for my civil construction career as you are a successful personnel and have spend quite some time in this industry.

I have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Carolina University. I am working as an intern in Flamboyant Constructions Ltd. My communication and interpersonal skills are at par and comfortable working a team which is very important to make any project successful. Currently, I have been allotted three commercial projects and involved in assisting my superiors in the development and designing of projects. However, I another company have offered me a similar job which requires relocation. I am confused between these two opportunities and not able to decide which one to choose.

I request you to help me out and direct me appropriately. It would be great if we meet personally regarding this matter. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Marty R. Lukes

Reference letter for suggestion for civil construction jobs is the most prescribed method to get in touch with the individual for gaining professional advice and direction for your civil construction career.

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