Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sample Resume Cover Letter for Advertising Jobs

Sample resume cover letter for advertising jobs is a good illustration of a unique and ideal resume cover letter that will assist you in grabbing a job opportunity in the advertising industry. You need to provide as much concern and care for your cover letter as your resume or curriculum vitae. It should be targeted specifically to the particular job you are looking for. It is not recommended to use a generic cover letter for any job application. Personalize your cover letter according to the requirements of the job.

The objective behind this is that the employers take very little time to evaluate the applications due to the huge number of applications they receive every day. Cover letters that are not in direct relevance of the applied job are likely to be dumped first.

Restrict your advertising cover letter up to a page. Include only relevant information and avoid doing too much detailing about your profile. Most employers avoid reading lengthy cover letters. It is not the size of the cover letter that matters, but the way in which it is drafted and directed to the reader. It should be written in a business letter style; avoid being too casual and unprofessional, which makes it easy for the employer to dissolve you from the competition of getting the job.

Show a direct relationship between your job and your experiences, qualifications, skills and career objectives. Establish a career context for your job demonstrating the job as the best fit for your career. Provide undeniable and persuasive grounds for the employer to choose you for the applied position. It must be convincing enough to rightfully plead your case to the employer.
Refer to this sample resume cover letter for advertising jobs for your reference.

Francisco M. Johnson
The HR Manager
Fiddler Advertising Limited
4320 Roosevelt Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
Date: February 10, 2012

Troy M. Owens
1991 Neuport Lane
Marietta, GA 30064
(770) 425 8986
Dear Mr. Johnson,

It was a pleasure meeting you New Job Fair last week. As per our conversation, I have attached my resume with this letter for the application of an entry level position in the advertising department of your organization.

I found your organization to be renowned for its creativeness and innovations in various sections of the advertising industry. I recently came across your wonderful, indeed artistic advertisement campaign of mutual funds, which inspired me to join your organization. I have done Master’s in Mass Communication and have three months of advertising experience as an intern in Optimizer Advertisings Limited.

I would request you to schedule a meeting for me at your convenience to discuss my relevance to this job. Thank you for reserving time from your busy schedule to consider my application.

Yours respectfully,

Troy M. Owens

Sample resume cover letter for advertising jobs puts you in a strong position for winning an advertising job in your desired organization by helping you create a well organized and professional cover letter.

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