Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Advertising Art Director Cover Letter for Advertising Jobs

Advertising art director cover letter for advertising jobs can help you break in an advertising job that you are desperately looking for. Winning an advertising job takes great determination and courage. Unlike other professional sectors, there are very few openings for advertising jobs. In addition, there are many other brilliant and deserving candidates like you that want to get into the advertising field. However, we see not all the candidates get short listed for the job. What they lack is a well written advertising cover letter.

An advertising art director needs to have a good combination of professional education and advertising experience. Most of the employers favor hiring advertising art directors with a bachelor’s degree in advertising or journalism. Educational courses in consumer communication, behavior, art history, marketing, sales, photography, visual arts, and technology can be handy. It is essential for the candidate to possess the knack and the ability to navigate and carry out the company’s advertising business through the internet along with excellent computer skills.

Your cover letter should be a linking device that will connect you to the employer. Tell the employer why you feel that you are the best candidate for the job and what interests you to join the organization. Your cover letter should communicate to the employer your own unique qualities, commitment, analytical thinking and imagination which are very important in the advertising sector. It should assure the employer of your capability to advertise magazines and cooperate with the publication editor and demonstrate your designing ability and graphic sense.

You can refer to this sample of advertising art director cover letter for advertising jobs and customize it as per your preference.

The Recruiting Manager
Fox Tyler Creations
David C. Halpin
4503 Pine Tree Lane
Greenbelt, MD 20770
Date: January 25, 2012

Herbert O. Bash
1658 Briarwood Drive
Vineland, NJ 08360
(856)-507 0863
Email address: HerbertOBash@abc.com

Dear Mr. Halpin,

This is in response to your job advertisement for the position of an Advertising Art Director in New Mile Express dated January 20, 2012. I have attached my resume along with this letter for your reference.

I believe that your firm is the perfect place to work with and showcase my advertising skills and creativity. I have done a professional course from Industrial Designers Society of America which is the largest institution for design research, product design, and design management. Likewise, my vast advertising experience will certainly profit your firm. My duties also involved visualization, editing pictures, selecting and finalizing videos, blogs and other website content.

I would be highly obliged if you schedule a meeting so that I can discuss my candidacy, skills and advertising talents which are a prerequisite for this job. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Herbert O. Bash

Keep in mind that you are dealing with a profession that holds its pedestal on excellent communication skills. Watch for spell errors, grammar, and typographical mistakes in your advertising art director cover letter for advertising jobs.

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