Monday, 19 December 2011

Reference Letter for Suggestion Senior or Alumni for Advertising Jobs

Reference letter for suggestion senior or alumni for advertising jobs is a formal and a professional way of asking apposite guidance, leadership and aid from your seniors, superiors, veteran or old pupils in the industry for your advertising career. Before getting into any decision regarding your career as in your choice of profession in the advertising career, job, organization, career objectives it is advisable to ask for suggestions from your seniors or alumni. As an inexperienced person in the industry, you may end up taking the erroneous decision as you don’t know what’s coming ahead of you. So, why take uncalculated risks in your career? The wise prefer to gain advice or suggestion before coming down to any conclusion. 

One good way of asking apt suggestions is by sending a well crafted an advertising cover letter for suggestion to your senior or higher positioned individuals in the advertising industry. Your friends or colleagues may be in the same industry; however, you must not ask for any suggestion to them as they are new to the industry and are not in a good position to guide you. You may get directed to the wrong path.

In your suggestion reference cover letter, include your future career plans, skills, proficiency, abilities, qualifications, and experience if any so that the advisor will get a complete understanding, as to on what points you need to be guided on. Put forth your intentions clearly and briefly while writing the letter. Attach appropriate documents if necessary.

Refer to the below given example on reference letter for suggestion senior or alumni for advertising jobs.

Sean S. Clapp
Advertising Director
Allegory Advertisings
4453 Bryan Street
Elkin, NC 28621
Date: February 4, 2012

George P. Richard
2060 Simpson Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17101
(717) 910 7290

Dear Mr. Clapp,

I am writing this letter to seek guidance for job opportunities in the advertising industry appropriate to my profile. I have an experience of six years in the advertising sector. At present, I am working with Lipson Advertising Limited as Advertising Sales Executive.

I joined Lipson Advertising Limited as a Sales Associate and after one year I was promoted to Sales Executive. Here, I was responsible for the sale of advertisements in the southern part of the country. I was also working as a part time trainer for training new employees. I am looking for an opportunity in North Carolina. Please suggest me some companies, which are into the advertising industry and suitable for my profile. I request you to give me an appointment so that I can discuss my proficiency, skill sets, expertise, and future career plans.

Thank you for considering my request for guidance in the advertising field and reserving time from your busy schedule for reading my letter.


George P. Richard

Reference cover letter for suggestion senior or alumni for advertising jobs can help you to put a good impression on your advisor to get the right guidance or suggestion from your senior or alumni.

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