Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Acceptance Job Offer Cover Letter for Banking Jobs

Acceptance job offer cover letter for banking jobs is an official procedure of accepting the job offer and thereby, authenticating the employment details by the candidate. Accepting the job offer over the phone or through an email or snail mail are common and unethical means of job acceptance. Sending a well drafted job offer acceptance cover letter is a professional step taken towards your job reflecting your politeness and mannerism on the employer.

Some candidates overlook the importance and the fundamental nature of a job offer acceptance letter. Your job offer acceptance banking cover letter is a legal documentation and proof of your acceptance of the job offer. Failing to send this job offer acceptance letter can put you in a vague situation of losing your most desired banking job.

Go through the below given acceptance of job offer cover letter tips and draft your own job acceptance cover letter.

  • Address the letter to the person who offered you the job
  • Clearly mention your contact details for further procedures related to employment
  • Mention the prime reason for writing the letter and formally accept the job offer
  • Thank your employer for providing you the opportunity to work with the organization by giving you the a job offer
  • Tell the employer how important is the job for you and how can you help the organization to get the best outcome
  • Confirm your designation and salary details including other employment benefits (if provided)
  • Verify the starting date of your employment and assure the employer of your attendance at the appointed time
  • End the letter expressing your gratitude and exhilaration for joining the organization

Here is a sample of acceptance job offer cover letter for banking jobs for your personal reference.

Christopher J. South
The Recruiting Manager
State Bank Limited
4137 New York Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91303
Date: February 14, 2012

Patrick J. Suarez
4197 Allison Avenue
Portsmouth, VA 23707
Phone: (757) 656 4382
Email Address: PatrickJSuarez@xyz.com

Dear Mr. South,

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for offering me the opportunity to work as a Bank Manager in your esteemed organization. I hereby, officially accept your job offer.

I am quite content and enthusiastic to serve your organization as a bank manager. I will put all my expertise and skills to add towards the growth of the organization. I believe that my wide experience in the banking sector will modernize and make more efficient the banking operation of your organization. I will strive towards achieving the targets and objectives of a bank manager. According to the offer, my salary would be $___ and my date of joining is February 25, 2012.

I look forward towards a stable and healthy banking career through your organization. Thank you for considering my letter.

Yours respectfully,

Patrick J. Suarez

Evade all typographical and spell errors and make use of grammatically proper constructed sentences in your acceptance job offer cover letter for banking jobs.

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