Monday, 13 February 2012

Reference Letter for Suggestions for Engineering Jobs

I am sure that finding jobs in any field is difficult especially in the field of engineering. One of the most efficient ways to find a job is by asking your professor, senior, or alumni to suggest an individual who can help you find a job that is best suited for you. This method will give you an opportunity to mention your areas of expertise and the field in which you are most experienced and comfortable in. Because engineering is such a vast arena, it is always best to target the areas that you find appealing or which you are interested in most. You can use this freedom for your benefit and find a job that will challenge, excite, and help you get started on your career.

This letter deals with getting in touch with the person who has been recommended by your professor, alumni, or senior and putting forward your strengths and abilities so that they can recommend you a job that is most suitable for you.

Please refer to the sample reference letter for suggestions for engineering jobs given below and you will have a better idea on how to draft the letter in the most optimum manner.

Sample Reference Letter for Suggestions for Engineering Jobs

Adam J. Davis
HR Manager
AZX InfoTech
101 Clement Street, Atlanta, GA 30331, USA
Date: 11 November 2009

Maurice G. Robertson
3930 Delaware Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94107, USA
Phone Number: 415-325-1413
Email Address:

Dear Mr. Davis,

I am writing this letter to inform you that Mr. Cody F. Watson has recommended you to help me get a reference for a job that would be most appropriate and challenging for me. He advised me to consult you in order to know if there was any job opening for a product engineer.

I am highly knowledgeable in the processes related to this engineering industry and would like to further shed light on the fact that I have completed an internship during my graduation from the University of Abc.

I have received great practical knowledge and I am aware of the technical terms and conditions related to the job as well. I am an extremely hard working, disciplined, and dedicated individual who be glad to seek your help in finding a relevant job.

Kindly grant me the privilege to set up a meeting to further explain my profile in detail. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to go through my profile.

Yours Sincerely,
Maurice G. Robertson
Senior Student, Electrical Dept.,
Abc University


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