Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Acknowledging Job Offer Cover Letter

Job offer acknowledgement cover letter for legal jobs is written to the employers offering you the job. Writing this letter helps in instigating the professional relationship you are about to dwell in. There is a dual advantage in posting the letter. First, it reflects your professionalism, and second, it fortifies the employers' confidence in you. Moreover, it allows you to buy some time to take the decision. You can also request to clear your concerns and demands if any.

Basically, acknowledging job offer cover letter is sent to thank and appreciate the employers' decisions for the job offer. By writing the acknowledgement letter, you get the time to plan whether you want to join the company or wait for some other offer. On the other hand, the letter also holds your profile at the top on the list of deserved candidates. However, the time is the essence when conveying your acknowledgement. You should not delay in sending the letter, and must respond within the specified date.

The acknowledgement letter for legal job offers should follow the same style of the cover letter that you wrote during applying. Start by thanking the employer for considering your candidature for the position you applied for. Make your intention of writing clear at the beginning. Be confident and place questions related to the job offer. Read the offer terms thoroughly and note down details. Consider the letter as an advantage and get your doubts clear. After all, it is better to get it settled before embarking on the board, then repenting it later.

Here is a sample of acknowledging job offer cover letter for legal jobs.

Dennis F. Smith
Hiring Manager
Prudent Oil and Gas Company
2500 Employment Lane
Boston, MA 02150
Date: February 28, 2012

Albert M. Swanson
4500 Downhill Road, 10th Avenue
Boston, MA 02114
(617) XXX-2574

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this acknowledgement letter in response to your job offer letter dated, February 20, 2012, offering me the position of a legal consultant in your esteemed organization. I thank you for bestowing me such a responsible and dignified position.

As a job seeker, I have always admired your work environment. Prior to my personal visits for the interview, I heard a lot about the professional culture of your organization. I was surprised and excited to find exactly what I heard. I was also impressed by the facilities you are providing to your employees. There was nothing I could have asked for in a company I would love to work with.

I will communicate you my joining date till March 7, 2012. I am truly thankful to you for allowing me time to appraise my decision. I assure you that the decision taken would surely be in the best of interest for Prudent and me.

I appreciate your decision in offering me the job, and once again, I am grateful for your time and efforts. I am available at the given number to answer any questions you may want to ask me.

Yours sincerely,

Albert M. Swanson

This acknowledging job offer cover letter for legal jobs will keep the employers' interest in your profile, and provide you sufficient time to decide in accepting the job offer. So, whenever you receive the job offer letter, as a professional etiquette, do write the acknowledgement letter.

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  1. I assure you that the decision taken would surely be in the best of interest for Prudent and me. here