Sunday, 25 March 2012

Reference Letter for Suggestion

A reference letter is written by fresher or student who needs advice from experts in their field of interest. This professional letter is written to ask for guidance. Even though you may know the person who you are addressing the letter to, you need to draft the letter in professional manner. When you write this letter, you should pay attention that you clearly mention details about your professional expertise, experience, and education. After reading the reference letter for suggestion the receiver should be able to understand why you are writing this letter. It is essential to keep this letter error-free and crisp. Therefore, take time to jolt down important points that you would like to include in this letter and proof read it several times to make it error-free.

Steps to write reference letter for suggestion:

1.Address details: You should begin the letter with your address details. Mention your name and complete postal address. You need to mention current date below your address followed by receiver's address details. Make sure when you address the receiver you mention appropriate title before their name. It essential that you mention these addresses correctly, so that your letter reaches the appropriate person. Use professional salutation like 'Dear' to address the receiver. Ex.: Dear Mr. Anderson.

2.Introduction: Introduce yourself in the first paragraph. Let the receiver know how you got their contact details, who have given you their reference for guidance, and the exact reason why you are writing this letter. By reading this paragraph the receiver should be able to understand your professional background and query.

3.Body: In the body of the letter, you should explain why you want them to provide suggestions and provide additional details about your professional background, project work and the kind of job prospects you are looking for. Let them know the kind of job you are looking for. If you need guidance about the project you should select, then mention it appropriately in the cover letter.

4.Conclusion: It is vital to thank the concerned person for their consideration and time. Let the person know that you would be pleased to meet them and take guidance from them about you future in the legal field. Make sure you use formal language to write this letter. The ending paragraph of this professional legal cover letter is the right place to mention that you have enclosed your resume along with the resume cover letter for legal jobs.

5.End of the letter: It is essential to use appropriate valedictions to end this reference letter. You may use professional valedictions like regards, sincerely, or respectfully. Make sure that you leave some space and mention your name below the valediction. If you are sending a hard copy of the letter, then you should sign in the space between valediction and your name. You need to provide details about the documents that you have enclosed along with this letter.

The reference letter for suggestion should be drafted using professional format. It is essential that your reference letter is easy to understand. You can even refer some sample cover letters for guidance.


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